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Producers wine and olive oil in Tuscany

Open for tastings and sales all year

We love the atmosphere that is created by the families who stay at our home or through the simple sale of our products, because the friendships that are born take us through Italy and Europe without having to travel; furthermore we find true pleasure in telling about our work, the passion and our traditions of the country in which we live, something that our guests cannot find in simply reading a book. This business gives us much satisfaction, we realized that, in the moment that the desire to communicate our sensations and passions with our neighbor exists; the possibility to grow and learn personally as well as materially will exist. We therefore foresee much work to be done.

We, without a doubt are in love with our land and this is the motivation that pushes us to keep our family farm alive. To cultivate plants and raise animals brings joy to our hearts; to see our products grow is definitely the first sign of the balance that exists between us and nature. With the same philosophy we try and obtain the fruits of our labors. To take from nature all that it offers us, with the commitment to conserve it and share its genuine flavors as often as possible. Our intent is to allow you to get to know our products and to taste our philosophy of life up close and personal.

Our certified products

We produce quality wines certified in the DOC Bolgheri.

The wine cellar, rich with the smell of wine, host to the barriques (large wooden containers) stores the wine as it ages; a small store is available which showcases all of our products.

Wine tasting and direct buying of all wines is available year round. Visits to the wine cellar and wine tasting do not require a reservation.

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We produce extra virgin olive oil with Tuscan certificate.

Our farm has almost three hectares of olive trees, with only Tuscan variety olives. Our commitment is aimed at conserving all the good that comes from the past, often the fruit of passion, the careful observation of mankind, and the introduction of new techniques that continue to better the quality of the product and the style of life of those who work in agriculture.

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