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Secolare: our extra virgin olive oil certified IGP Toscano

Olive juice: for those who first taste, then lick their fingers

Our farm is made up of secular olive trees that cover almost three hectares, including Tuscan variety olives: Moraiolo (round and black “mora”, at maturation, produces fruity oil with intense flavors), Frantoio (oval olive, winy in color, its oil yields green and it has a particularly fine flavor, less aggressive) and Pendolino (chosen mainly for its reproduction qualities).

These are cultivated following the rules of the “lotta guidata”, a technique that mirrors and reduces the use of chemical substances, limiting the antiparasitic treatments and giving preference to organic fertilization. The olives are picked and gathered on nets made of synthetic materials, all of the olives that fall on the ground naturally are left behind in order to obtain superior quality oil.

Successively the drupes are sent, without making the frantoio late, to a moving system that circles continually “Alfa Laval” and transforms and creates the extra virgin olive oil without changing its characteristics. The oil, for a short period, before being bottled, is left to settle naturally in steel containers, in the moment that it’s initial green opaque aspect changes, veiled, to a clearer and more brilliant color, the chemical and organoleptic analyses takes place. If the results are favorable, it is certified by the Protection Union as extra virgin olive oil IGP Toscano (Protected Geographical Indication), and is then put into 1 liter and 0,5 liter glass bottles "Marasca”.

Our commitment is aimed at conserving all the good that comes from the past, often the fruit of passion, the careful observation of mankind, and the introduction of new techniques that continue to better the quality of the product and the style of life of those who work in agriculture.

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