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Podere Giovanni produces quality wine certified in the Doc Bolgheri area.

The wine cellar, rich with the smell of wine, host to the barriques (large wooden containers) stores the wine as it ages; a small store is available which showcases all of our products. Wine tasting and direct buying of all wines is available year round.

The choice of the wines follows the indications of the DOC BOLGHERI Disciplinary (a union that guarantees the originality and quality of wine); among the fundamental wines of this denomination we produce Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon; The Cabernet Sauvignon has always given outstanding results in this area as it proves to be elegant and well structured.

All of the vines, grown using the cord method, have a system density of average to high (5.000 plants per hectare) and are cultivated according to the “lotta integrata” criteria. To obtain high quality, the production of the grapes is limited, caused by natural forces tied to the earth or are reduced to within a maximum of 9.000Kg of grapes per hectare, with opportune thinning out. The grape harvest is done manually, just like most of the other cultivating.

Those who love wine can enjoy in our hospitality that is immersed in the atmosphere of the wine. This atmosphere itself has charmed us into forgetting about the hard work and the tiring commitment that we have put into the cultivation of our grapes these many years. Our commitment continues to grow even today as we improve our product.

Our wines


Bolgheri Doc Rosso

Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.
A distinct wine with hints of red fruit and a pleasurable sensation of tannin.
Served well with: all meals with red meats, and first courses with rich sauces.

Rugiada Marina

Vermentino toscano

Pure Vermentino.
A wine with resinous notes, with an after taste that is pleasurably bitter, characteristic of this wine.
Served well with: fish, crustaceans, omelets and sweet sheep’s milk cheese.

Il Cigliere

Rosso Igt toscano

Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Monna Caterina

Rosè Igt toscano

Pure Sangiovese.
Red in color with shades of purple.
Hints of exotic fruits with a sensation of freshness; a subtle and delicately dry flavor.


Podere Giovanni

Grappa Podere Giovanni

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